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Keller Kitchens

Keller Kitchens are a leading Dutch brand and one of the largest European manufacturers of fitted Kitchens. Their modern concepts and finishes have put them ahead of their market for some time. Their furniture can be stylishly simple but sophisticated. They are a leader in handle-less kitchens. Keller’s unique Colour System allows you to combine colours and materials easily for a beautiful unique finish. This is possible because of an exact colour match between the six materials. The Master Collection includes foil, melamine, polygloss, Silk Gloss, High Gloss and Structured Lacquered finishes in 9 standard colours. This ensures that every kitchen from Keller’s Master Collection can be adapted to fit your personal budget.

For those who are a little more adventurous there is an unlimited choice of colours within the Silk Gloss, High Gloss and Structured Lacquered ranges. Let your imagination run wild and create a truly individual design. Do you have a favourite colour from Farrow and Ball for example, we can give you a colour match kitchen.

We have three full room sized Keller Kitchens on display in our kitchen showroom, showcasing the quality of this brand. Visit the showroom and see what Keller has to offer you. Not only do our Keller Kitchen displays bring colour into the showroom but Keller supply us with some unique worktops as well. Sourced from Holland they are not readily available in other UK showrooms and bring unique design opportunities to our designers.

Fill in the contact form to the right and we will contact you, to start you on the route of designing your dream kitchen. We are so confident of our designs that we offer you this service for free. Therefore, you have nothing to lose. But remember this process is a partnership between us. We require you to dream. We will turn your dreams into reality as well as working within your budget.

Keller Kitchens

High Gloss lacquer

Keller Kitchens are available in any colour gloss of your choice. Modern, handle-less, kitchen design : this range offers you the opportunity to make your kitchen totally unique to you.  You may not want a Lime Green colour Kitchen but why not add a splash of colour. When you want to change the colour scheme you could order a few doors in a different colour. An inexpensive way of updating your kitchen and WOW-ing the neighbours!


Keller Kitchens GL7300

Silk Gloss Lacquer

The unique Keller Colour System not only allows you to choose your favourite colour but you can combine colours, textures and finishes. In this case two colours have been combined in the Silk Gloss Lacquer (satin).Keller Kitchens GL2000 handle less kitchen in Fango


Keller Kitchens GL5100 handle-less kitchen in Ice White and Ash Grey

Structured Lacquer

Structured lacquer, a textured matt finish is also available. Anti fingerprint, even with the darkest of colours, this is ideal for those who don’t want a glossy finish. We have a display in the showroom highlighting just how good this finish is. The design possibilities are endless.

With Keller Kitchens there is something for everyone. Traditional design in a Structured Lacquer or Satin Gloss Lacquer. Visit the Think Kitchen and Bathroom showroom and see for yourself this impressive range of Kitchens.


>Keller Kitchens


Keller Kitchens Forte in Jasmin mixed with Elba in Toscari Oak


Keller Kitchens Casacada-Graphite-Fleetwood

Traditional Kitchens

Keller Kitchens also offer a traditional style of kitchen design which may be preferable to your tastes. The fronts of all wooden Keller models consist of solid wooden frames with veneered inner panels

Fill in the contact form to the right and we will contact you, to start you on the route of designing your dream kitchen. We are so confident of our designs that we offer you this service for free. You have nothing to lose only a beautiful kitchen to gain.

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